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The Genius UEconomy 3-Phase Worldwide Launch Plan

  • Phase 1

    The Founder’s Launch Starts May 3rd, 2017. Members who join during this launch period can get “Founder” status…and can unlock the deeper levels in the 12-level residual income plan without meeting any future qualifications.

  • Phase 2

    The Prelaunch Begins June 7th. Once the Founder’s Launch period is over, the official Prelaunch of the company will begin. Products will accessible and made available to all current Founding Members and New Members.

  • Phase 3

    The Official Company Launch Will Begin Mid-September. All products will be available to Founders and Non-Founders and the UEconomy will be marketing towards their upcoming “LAUNCH” Convention in September/October.

Interview With Peter Wolfing (CEO)

A 19 Year Veteran In The Online Marketing World

The Creator & CEO of UEconomy has helped over 2 million members generate over $400 million dollars in commissions in his previous/current companies. He is now ready to dwarf his previous successes with his new company - UEconomy.

Peter Wolfing, UEconomy Owner

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Your Sponsor Will Be: Michael Mansell (teammansell)

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Let Our Specialized Sales Team Close Sales For You!

You simply "turn on” the phone closing option in your UEconomy Back Office and UEconomy's team of professional sales closers will contact your prospects and close your high ticket sales for you…anywhere from $1,500 to $50,000. (Depending the product level you own.)

If you choose to close your own sales, you will keep 100% of each product sale you make. If you choose to let our phone closers close the sales for you, the commission will be split 50/50 between you and UEconomy.

You can imagine, the U-Coaches are very motivated and will be earning huge commissions with each high-ticket sale, these phone U-Coaches are extremely motivated to make you the highest sales possible – while you can go on enjoying your life.

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Your Sponsor Will Be: Michael Mansell (teammansell)

The UEconomy Products & Compensation Plan

Get Paid 100% Commissions As Well As Residual Monthly Income 12 Levels Deep. (Founders Only)

There are 3 parts to the UEconomy Compensation Plan and Product Offerings. These include low-ticket entry-level products and offers, a monthly residual income opportunity, and high-ticketproduct offers.

UEconomy pays both 100% Commissions - as well as residual monthly income - through their revolutionary compensation plan.

If You Want To Make BIG money Online, Then UEconomy Products Are What You Need!

The largest (and hungriest) market on the Internet is the "Make Money" market. Millions of people worldwide want to know how to create a part-time "Side Hustle" or even a full-time income that'll let them fire their boss and quit the 9-to-5 grind.

UEconomy's entire product line is 100% focused on that market - giving them high-quality, high-demand software and training that will help them achieve their financial goals.

UEconomy has 3 Different Product Categories: U-Marketplace, U-Crew, and U-Academy

Below is a more detailed breakdown of the U-Academy Product Offerings:

When you purchase one of the 5 higher product levels, you will get the lower product package(s) free.

Example: If they select UNetwork Level $12,000, the $1,500, $3,000 and $6,000 are included at no extra cost including the license fees.  In this example, the $12,000 $795 license fee will be the version purchased.

UAcademy Product Details:

umentor1 year live group mentoring via conference call and/or webinar Once per month U-Mentor will mentor you. There are 12 stand-alone sessions. You can start at any session as it is a continuity type mentoring program.

Over 80% of your success or failure is based on your beliefs and how you learn. Not necessarily how to do something. The gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it is as wide as the Grand Canyon. In these 12 sessions, together, we will expand your awareness of what’s possible in your life.

UDigitalTeaching members how to mold digital products, name, brand and sell them as their own. This will include UE pre-done products which the members will have the rights to sell however they’d like.

We take the U-Digital Millionaire product as our example. With it, we provide you with the MS Word document containing 13 modules.

Also included are articles, promotional emails, blog posts, starter website, download pages, homework files, PSD files, powerpoint presentation and more. We then show you how to brand each portion and brand them to be your own. We continue to show you how far (or as little) you can take the product and do it yourself or outsource to others to complete your project. You will have full branding rights with this product so you can take it and call it your own.

UBrandU-Brand teaches members about the importance of personal branding and methods to cultivate their personal brand. This also includes but is not limited to authorship, site branding and more.


We will teach techniques and methods to author your own book such as the importance of stories, collecting and filing ideas, selecting book structure, title, chapters, covers, bar codes, printing options, layout, page size, font size and more.

We will cover all aspects so you can choose what’s the right method for you. Other branding topics that will be covered are authority sites, video posting, social media, blogging and more.

unetworkAffiliate and Network Marketing basic and advance education and training are provided here. You can “work” or you can net”work”. Last your over 200 billion dollars were sold through the direct selling industry.

With U-Network we will have industry leaders give you their insights and best practices on live calls and/or webinars throughout the year. We will also provide replays and other on demand education so that you can refer back to U-Mentor often.

We will also bring to you the “tools of the trade”. There are over 100 ways to generate leads. We will go over many of them and provide insider secrets to maximizing your sales funnel so lead generation will no longer be a problem for you. We then go over the core competencies you need to master in order to get to become a world-class network marketer.

uliveUEconomy puts it all together with 2 live events per year at exotic locations. Live events is where you recharge your passion with other people of like minds, goals, vision and passion.

Members can attend live (must provide their own transportation and lodging) or view virtually. At the events, we tie all levels together with top tier trainers and speakers to take your UE business and personal brand to new heights.

This is the Master’s product where you can put your skills live into the real world. UE will teach you about business mechanics of the Digital Franchise world including but not limited to affiliate marketing, network marketing, JV marketing and more.

*For an additional setup fee, select members they may also choose to take advantage of optional offerings from UE to start their own affiliate or network marking program. UE will provide a turn key solution where you are the owner and you have the UE experience there with you as much or as little as you’d like. You can choose to use our programming, customer and tech support and well as select products and more.

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Your Sponsor Will Be: Michael Mansell (teammansell)

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